April 30, 3013: What We’ve Been Up To

Going more than a month without a post could give someone the wrong idea about how busy it’s been.

Here is a recap:

After we returned to school on April 2, we began to juggle not one, not two, but three parts of the science curriculum.

1. Nutrients:  Before the MS trip and break, students worked in groups to prepare a nutrient cycle explanation.  Since break, they have presented, and also been working on answering an “un Google-able” question about what nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus do in living things. (See photo above.)

2. Air Pressure: To start the meteorology unit that will end the year, we have been investigating air pressure through some stations that each hold a “discrepant” or unexpected event.

3. Science Symposium:  Given that the Science Symposium is on May 3, this has taken the largest share of our class work.  Students have been fiercely editing during class, and at home.  We are almost there!Science symposium project about bactera

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