10 September 2014: How to ask a question in a garden

Today started off with some administrative procedures that many science teachers do the first day of school. I delayed, since we wanted to get started with the penny work.

First administrative action: set up a Google doc for HW and share with me. This will hold most assignments for the year and new assignments will always be posted as the most recent.

So, there’s HW now? Yes. I try to be the last teacher to assign the first HW assignment…I guess I came in second to last this year, though.

HW is on the website and it is handy to copy and paste the questions into the HW doc for convenience when answering. And yes, part of the HW involves watching a little movie.

Next administrative task: Setting up a Table of Contents in the lab notebook. ┬áNothing quite says “book,” like a Table of Contents!

Next– finally– new lab! How to ask a question in a garden…

It’s not easy. The question has to be based on observation, has to be answerable by observing and/or measuring, has to be doable within a few class periods, and can’t have the answer already known. Phew. It was tough, and we were just beginning to get somewhere when…class ended.

That’s ok– we have more classes. And, we get to cut open that gall in the next one!

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