16 September 2014: Analyzing the Garden Data

The garden study has been quick. It can take a long time to design a question and then test it. Analysis can take even longer.

Our garden questions were very, very real. There are many, many scientists in the world that ask questions about how a plant varies fruit and seed number, which visitors come to pollinate, and how the flowers of one variety differ from another. I am not sure the whole class believed me when I said that, but it’s totally the truth.

Analysis is the next step. I threw a curve ball that I didn’t mean to when we set out to analyze data using the ubiquitous Google sheets instead of Create Graphs from 6th grade. Thanks for going with it. Google sheets will be useful for more later in school and is more similar to Excel which so many people in the non-PDS world use. It is good to learn new programs since it adds to flexible thinking– even if it’s uncomfortable at first.

Class moved along so well that most people got to start writing up the results, which is the homework due next week, as a series of answers to questions.



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