22 September 2014: What does environment mean?

ListWhat does environment mean?

The more you talk about it, the longer the list grows. It can be anything, defined as physical or even defined as a mood. After collectively developing a list, and a short digression to understand that in space, the space really has nothing in it, we moved on to fish.



We will be dwelling on fish for a while, because in the communities of the Gray Area, the fish are dying. As many as a 1000 have washed up on the shores of Synchrony City, and the citizens are growing concerned.

To start to detect what might be killing the fish, we generated a list of what fish need to live:food, clean water, habitat, mates, the right temperature….were just a few. Pollution came up in many ways as being a problem for fish. We will be strict though: pollution is not one thing; there are many types of pollution, and as scientists we will be more specific than that when we concern the role of pollution in killing fish.


First task: To get to know the Gray Area better, from its past to its present.

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