1 October 2014

We were busy.

We introduced three citizens from the Gray Area through a dramatic reading of statements: Juan Tuno, Don Juan Tuno, and Avery Wun. They each have different points of view.

Next, we got ready for our first visit to a 2-3 class. Sue has matched us up with buddies. To get to know each other, we found where we live on a map of the Hudson Valley.

We asked the buddies to “Draw a Scientist.” Every 2-3 drew as detailed a picture as possible and then wrote a sentence about who the scientist was and what the scientist was doing. The caution to the 7 mentor: while encouraging as much detail as possible, don’t use pronouns! We’ll see the result of our experiment after we visit all of the 2-3 classes.

When we got back to the lab, we had a second dramatic reading, of the board of supervisors meeting of the Gray Area. Juan Tuno (science boy wonder) is concerned that the water slide park is going to be shut down because the fish are dying. He doesn’t want the slide blamed unless it actually is killing the fish. He’s got a little family conflict with his uncle, Don Juan Tuno…

So, Juan Tuno did some research, and so did we. Using Daphnia from a healthy stream (the control) and comparing that to samples from upstream and downstream from the water slide, we can use the Daphnia as a bioindicator of the health of the water.

And then there are those mysterious files left on Juan Tuno’s doorstep…

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